Sumake North America is your most reliable and comprehensive source of professional electric, cordless and pneumatic tools, compressors and accessories for electronic, automotive and industrial applications. CE-certified and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management standards, all Sumake products meet international benchmarks of excellence for quality and packaging.

Sumake tools are ergonomically designed to ensure accuracy, maximum control and comfort. Built to last, Sumake products are among the most innovative, energy efficient, durable and reliable tools on the market today.

Sumake North America is your single source for Sumake tools, offering a vast selection of high quality, professional grade assembly and automotive products to meet your customers’ needs. We stand behind everything we sell and offer complete spare parts backup for all Sumake products. For customers who require tools that deliver quality, reliability and durability, turn to Sumake North America.

transducerized-smart-controller SMT-C1B Smart Controller Requires a Transducer DC Screwdriver  Network/WiFi enabled  Track/Store all fastener information Supports automation processes The SMT-C1B Smart Controller is a control unit for our transducer electric screwdrivers.  Learn More
SF30A automatic screw feeding system Screwfeeder SF30A Works with Push Screwdrivers Speed: 20 – 30 pcs/min Screw Sizes: 2 – 8 std (2.5  – 6.0 M) Learn More
ES-B1100 Cordless Brushless Screwdriver Cordless Pistol Screwdriver ES-B11003A/E-30 Package Trigger Start Torque Range: 7.08-26.55 in-lb RPM: 1000/1400 Learn More


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New 3.0 AMP Battery Upgrade for Extended Run Times All Sumake Inline Screwdrivers now come with a 3.0 Amp Battery upgrade (the previous batteries were 2.5 Amp). Additional replacement 3.0 Amp battery packs are also available for purchase. Battery type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.2V Battery Capacity: 3 Amp Hour Weight: .60 lbs Shop replacement 3.0 Amp batteries on our website: Our inline cordless tools ...