New: Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine BT-100

Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine This semi-automatic bench top machine is designed to automate screw feeder systems. It holds the screwdriver and automatically lines up with the part, eliminating the need for an operator to hold the driver. The machine lines up the part so that it is presented directly below the driver. Simply press a

New 3.0 AMP Battery Upgrade for Extended Run Times

All Sumake Inline Screwdrivers now come with a 3.0 Amp Battery upgrade (the previous batteries were 2.5 Amp). Additional replacement 3.0 Amp battery packs are also available for purchase. Battery type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.2V Battery Capacity: 3 Amp Hour Weight: .60 lbs Shop replacement 3.0 Amp batteries on our website: https://sumakenorthamerica.com/product/lithium-ion-battery-bp0730l/ Our inline cordless tools

Inline Cordless Tools

Check out our featured product line of the month – Sumake’s Inline Cordless Screwdrivers. These screwdrivers can be used in a wide variety of assembly and manufacturing applications. Key Features: Cordless tool allows the operator more freedom to move around during assembly Full auto-shut off clutch that completely stops the bit when the torque setting

Pneumatic Pulse Tool Line

Pneumatic Pulse Tool Line from Sumake North America We hope you enjoy this video overview of our pneumatic pulse tool line. These tools come in an inline version, a pistol version, and an angle head version. The tools also come in a slip clutch, as well as an auto-stop clutch version. The torque range on

What is a Screw Hopper?

What is a Screw Hopper? A screw hopper is an add-on accessory that can be integrated with a screw presenter to provide additional screw storage capacity. These hoppers can hold up to 4000 screws which drastically increases the capacity of a screw presenter and makes runtimes longer for operators. Hoppers are especially useful during high-volume

Benefits of an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver

Benefits of an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver Fits in low clearance spaces Accesses confined areas Provides operators with more leverage against torque output Increases efficiency Excellent torque control Compatible with SMT Smart Controller What is an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver? Angle type transducerized screwdrivers feature a driver head set at a 90-degree angle. The angled

Sumake North America Launches New Tool Management System EA-SC100

AMHERST, NH, May 17, 2022 – Sumake North America is launching its newest product, the EA-SC100 tool management system. The EA-SC100 enables assembly manufacturers to take control of their shop floor with full visibility into their assembly operations via remote connectivity to their tools and fastening results. The system comes with a touch screen that

Introducing the New Low Torque Pistol Grip Cordless Screwdriver ES-B11002HA/E-30

Benefits of Low Torque Cordless Screwdrivers High Accuracy Assurance Ideal for Applications with Limited Space High Mobility and Lightweight Ergonomic Design Excellent Combination of Power and Ergonomic Features Outstanding Repeatable Torque Key Features of the Sumake ES-B11002HA/E-30 Package Includes Two Batteries and a Charger Features Dormancy Mode to Save on Battery Usage Torque Cover Included

Benefits of an Automation Assembly Table

Benefits of an Automation Assembly Table Increases Work Efficiency Saves Human Labor Suitable for Small-Quantity Diversified Production Works with Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Screws Multiple Detection and Warning Functions Included to Prevent Failures What is an Automation Assembly Table? An automation assembly table (AAT) is composed of an automatic screw feeding/pickup system and an electric screwdriver.