Benefits of an Automation Assembly Table

Benefits of an Automation Assembly Table

  • Increases Work Efficiency
  • Saves Human Labor
  • Suitable for Small-Quantity Diversified Production
  • Works with Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Screws
  • Multiple Detection and Warning Functions Included to Prevent Failures

What is an Automation Assembly Table?

An automation assembly table (AAT) is composed of an automatic screw feeding/pickup system and an electric screwdriver. The AAT is available in two different configurations: one with a vacuum pickup system for non-magnetic screws and the other with a screw feeder type for magnetic screws. 

Our AAT is extremely accurate (+/-0.01mm) and provides 255 groups, or 30,000 points, of working memory modules. To write programs, operators can use remote teaching MDI or online operations. Our ASDMT is suitable for various kinds of working ranges and is designed in four models, i.e. 200*200, 300*300, 400*400, and 510*510mm.

Sumake Automation Assembly Table - Vacuum   


Why use an Automation Assembly Table?

An AAT brings automation to the next level by decreasing the amount of human labor required during assembly. Because of the table’s pre-programmed sequences and precision automation, work efficiency is drastically increased. The AAT also helps prevent assembly failures by employing multiple detection and warning functions including short supply, thread-slipping, and torque reaching detection and warning functions

Because different working memory modules can be changed quickly and easily using the control panel, this table is suitable for small-quantity diversified production.

Watch our AAT in Action

Adaptable Feeder Options

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