Benefits of an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver

Benefits of an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver

  • Fits in low clearance spaces
  • Accesses confined areas
  • Provides operators with more leverage against torque output
  • Increases efficiency
  • Excellent torque control
  • Compatible with SMT Smart Controller

What is an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver?

Angle type transducerized screwdrivers feature a driver head set at a 90-degree angle. The angled set of the screwdriver head gives operators the flexibility they need to work in confined and low clearance spaces.

Transducerized tools include a built-in sensor that constantly measures torque with a real-time readout of its measurement. The information delivered from transducerized tools helps manufacturers improve their assembly process and minimize rework caused by torque inaccuracies.

SMT-30A Transducer DC Angle Screwdriver


Why use an Angle Type Transducerized Screwdriver?

The angled head of these DC electric screwdrivers is ergonomically superior for operators working at high torque. Because these screwdrivers give the operator more leverage against the torque output, the likelihood of strain injuries is minimized. 

It also enables operators to work in low clearance spaces and confined areas where an inline driver would be too cumbersome. Working in tight spaces, like between racks of shelves, angle type screwdrivers give operators handy access for fastening work. These screwdrivers increase assembly efficiency by making hard areas easier to reach.

When combined with the SMT series smart controller, operators can track tightening status, set up different tightening parameters (torque/thread), and transfer data. The smart controller also enables operators to switch between various programs to complete various tightening tasks.

Available Models

  • SMT-30A: Torque Range: 5.31 – 26.55 In-lbs
  • SMT-50A: Torque Range: 8.85 – 44.25 In-lbs
  • SMT-70A: Torque Range: 12.39 – 61.96 In-lbs

All Sumake SMT Screwdrivers should be used with the SMT Smart Controller (SMT-C1).

SMT Transducerized Tools Catalog

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