New: Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine BT-100

Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine

This semi-automatic bench top machine is designed to automate screw feeder systems. It holds the screwdriver and automatically lines up with the part, eliminating the need for an operator to hold the driver. The machine lines up the part so that it is presented directly below the driver. Simply press a switch and the driver screws in the part.

Key Features of the Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine

  • Streamline your assembly process
    • This machine speeds up production and minimizes operator involvement
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability
    • Automate the screw fastening process
    • Integrates with screw feeder systems for even more automation
  • Universal Fit
    • Works with all Sumake electrical screwdrivers
    • Adjustable to any torque application
    • Works best with a Sumake screw feeder system


BT-001 Bench Top Machine
BT-100 Semi-Automatic Bench Top Machine Specifications

  • Torque Range: 0.17 – 309.8 in-lbs Speed: 40 pcs/min
    Screw Sizes: 0 – 16 std (1.5 – 8M)
  • Puck included to hold assembly part
  • Adaptable for multiple screwdrivers on one bench-top

BT-100 Spec Sheet: SNA BT-001


“We know that automation continues to be the trend in assembly and this machine gives operators an uncomplicated way to help automate fastening,” said Michael DeChambeau, Sumake North America’s President. “This machine is a great example of how Sumake North America continues to bring new products to the market that simplify the assembly process and increase productivity.”