Cordless Mechanical Pulse EMS-B1450A-30 Package

  • Programmable Torques and Pulses
  • Torque Range: 70.8 -443 in-lb
  • RPM: 1,900
  • BPM: 2,500
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The EMS-B1450A-30 is a Pistol Grip Cordless Mechanical Pulse Screwdriver (range 70.8 -443  in-lbs) with a brushless motor and Auto Shut-Off clutch.

The following settings can be set at the job level to help automate a fasting process:

  • Store up to 5 torque setting jobs – each tool can store up to 5 user defined jobs
  • 6 power settings available pre job – choose from 1 of six power settings each setting has torque range
  • Number of impacts set by job – impacts control the final torque on a fastener
  • Number of  turns set by job – fastener error check (i.e. striped fastener)
  • Fasteners count set by job – set number of fastener per job 

The input settings are entered via a remote control or input keys on tool.  This tools provides reliable high torque with job control and fastener checking.  

EMS-B1050A-30 comes with a 2 batteries and a charger

Battery Chargers and Spare Batteries available for the EMS-B1450A-30:

Check Battery storage every three months, make sure the battery stays at least 80% charged. If battery storage is not checked routinely to make sure it stays at least 80% charged there could be complications and the battery will not work properly. 

  • Precise-machined mechanical pulse mechanism
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Durable Brushless Motor
  • Sold as kit with two batteries and one charger
  • Excellent combination of power and ergonomic features
  • Remote Controlled (Cannot program directly from tool; only the remote)
  • Easy one finger Reverse/forward switch
  • Built in LED light
  • Program data display panel
  • Built in processing unit
  • OK/NG indicator for error warning 
  • Single Program working cycle model 
  • Multi-Program working cycle model (this user can select more program and make different settings for each program according to the conditions their actual application requires.)

  • Power source: 10.8V Li-ion Battery
  • Drive: hex 6.35mm
  • Torque range: 70.8 -443 in-lb (8 -50 nm)
  • Bolt Capacity: M8 (8.8~12.9) M10 (6.8~8.8) M12 (4.6~4.8)
  • B.P.M: 2,500
  • R.P.M: 1,900
  • Weight: 2.87 lbs with Battery
  • Length: 6.89" (175mm)
  • Height: 7.72" (196mm)
  • CE Certified: Yes

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