Cordless Pistol Screwdriver ESS-B1805A-40 Package

  • Pistol Grip
  • Torque Range: 13.3 – 44.3 in-lb
  • RPM: 1100/1600/2200
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ESS-B1805A-40 is an 18V Pistol Grip, Cordless Screwdriver (13.3 – 44.3 in lbs) with a slip/cushion clutch and a brushless motor.  The slip/cushion clutch slips once the pre-set torque is reached. This feels like a slight release of pressure on the bit of the screwdriver. This brushless motor generates less heat, requires less maintenance, and is ideal for clean-rooms. It has an ergonomic design to ensure operator’s comfort.  

Common usages for these screwdrivers are assembly fastening applications that require precision torque control.

ESS-B1805A-40 comes with a 2 batteries and a charger

Battery Chargers and Spare Batteries available for the ESS-B1805A-40:

Check Battery storage every three months, make sure the battery stays at least 80% charged. If battery storage is not checked routinely to make sure it stays at least 80% charged there could be complications and the battery will not work properly. 

  • Pistol Grip 
  • Slip Clutch
  • Brushless Motor
  • Comes with 2 batteries and one charger 
  • Excellent combination of power and ergonomic features
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Excellent repeatable torque
  • Torque adjustable by external dial

  • Power source: 18 V Li-ion Battery
  • Torque Setting: Stepless
  • Drive: standard hex 6.35mm
  • Torque range: 13.3 - 44.3 in lbs (1.5-5nm)
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +/-10(%)
  • R.P.M: 1100/1600/2200
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs with Battery
  • Length: 7.4" (188mm)
  • Height: 9.9" (252mm)
  • CE Certified: Yes

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