Digital Torque Wrench TWD-03135

  • Torque setting: Manual
  • Torque range: 7.4 – 99.6 ft-lbs
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The TWD-03135 manual Torque Wrench displays real time values and is externally adjustable using an external digital torque scale with an easy to use torque adjustment interface.   The LED torque and Audible alerts prevent any fastener or bolt from being under and over tightened .   This wrench automatically resets after each use and with a precise repeatable torque with an accuracy of ±2.5%. This Torque Wrench is ergonomically designed with a strong texture grip to ensure the operators comfort.

  • Displays real time torque readings 
  • Uses visible and audio alerts to indicate torque reached
  • Torques in 2 directions (Clockwise and Counter Clockwise)
  • Push Button Socket Release Head
  • Battery Life Indicator 
  • Large Display easy to see and read
  • Auto Shutoff (saves on battery usage)
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable torque
  • Resets automatically for next fastener 
  • Precision Clutch Torque accuracy +- 2.5% CW and 3.0% CCW
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Easy to set  torque interface buttons

  • Torque setting: Digital
  • Square Drive: 3/8 in.
  • Torque range: 89 -1195 in-lbs, 7.4 - 99.6 ft-lbs
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +/-2.5% CW and 3% CCW
  • Weight: 2.61lb (1.2 kgs)
  • Length: 15.75" 
  • CE Certified: Yes

Certificate of CalibrationCalibration Certification