Pistol Screwdriver EA-BTN990LD/C6

  • Trigger
  • Torque range: 26.55-79.66 in-lb 
  • R.P.M: 600 / 800
  • Bottom Cable Connection
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EA-BTN990LD/C6 is a pistol grip, electric torque screwdriver (torque range of 26.55-79.66 in-lbs) with a Full Auto Shut-Off clutch and a powerful brushless motor. The brushless motor generates less heat, requires less maintenance, and is ideal for assembly application including clean-room applications. Common usages are assembly applications that require exact repeatable torque control.

The power supply is not included.

Power Supply & Controllers available for the EA-BTN990LD/C6:

  • SP-B40HL801T/C6: Power supply that supports Hi/Low RPM
  • SP-BC40HL801T/C6: Power Supply & Screw Counter: Power supply with Hi/Low RPM, slow start, output signals, and screw counter with run down verification functionality.

  • Trigger start
  • Brushless Motor (can be used in clean-rooms)
  • Soft Ergonomic Grip
  • Excellent combination of power and ergonomic features
  • Automatic shut-off precision clutch
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Torque adjustable by external dial 
  • Comes with Bottom cable connection
  • Can be ordered with Top Cable Connection
  • One year Warranty

  • Power source: 40V DC
  • Torque setting: Stepless
  • Torque range: 26.55-79.66 in-lb (30.6-91.8 kg-cm)
  • R.P.M : 600 / 800
  • Standard Torque Deviation: +-5%
  • Weight: 2.75lb (1250)
  • Length: 10.8×6.2 in (274×157)
  • CE certified

POwer Supply SP-B40HL501T/C6Power Supply
Certificate of CalibrationCertification of Calibration
Counting & Automation Power Supply SP-BC40HL501T/C6Counting & Automation Power Supply
EAA-SCBSN6 Signal ControllerSignal Controller for Brushless Screwdrivers