Screw Presenter SFR50

  • Screw Sizes: 1.2 – 5 M
  • Max screw length: 10.0 mm
  • Delivery Speed: 42 -90 pcs/min
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The SFR50 screw feeder is an automatic precision screw feeder with a replaceable rail. The replaceable rail makes it possible to rearrange production lines to meet the change of screw diameter and form. The SFR50 helps to improve quality control and productivity by reducing handling time of screws.

  • Made for robotic or vacuum pick-up applications
  • Presenter bed ideal for magnetic or vacuum pick-up systems
  • Works with screw sizes 1.2mm - 5.0mm
  • Works with screw lengths up to 12.5mm
  • Comes with one screw rail
  • Adjustable bit guide
  • Screw rail carries screws smoothly
  • Easy to replace screw rail
  • Adjustable vibration time, amplitude, and operation shut -off delay allows for optimal feed rates
  • Standard screwdriver bit can be used
  • Compact and space saving
  • Fast and efficient

  • Power source: AC 100~240V
  • Screw Range: M1.2 – M5 (1.2mm - 5.0mm)
  • Delivery Speed: 42-90 pcs/min
  • Screw Length Requirements: 
    • Can be up to 10 mm length under screw head
    • Overall length must be longer than the diameter of the screw 
  • Screw chamber capacity: 200~220c.c
  • Weight: 6.83 lbs (3.1kg)

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