Spindle Automatic Screw Feeding Module SAF-100

  • Works with  EA-B series Push or Lever Start Screwdrivers
  • Speed: 20 – 30 pcs/min
  • Screw Sizes: 2 – 8 std (2.5  – 6.0 M)
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The SAF-100 Spindle Screw feeder is a cost effective way to increase throughput.   It can be mounted in a fully-automated assembly line or be used in a semi-auto assembly station where the operator places work-piece. The SAF-100 Spindle Screw Feeder System is customized for your fasteners and specific assembly application. The SFA-100 works with our EA-B series electric push to start and lever start assembly screwdrivers. We will require information on the type of screws that your application uses to properly set up the SAF-100.

Please allow 25-30 days after order for us to properly setup the SAF-100.

  • Delivers fastener directly to application
  • Works with Push-to-Start and Lever Screwdrivers
  • Fast and efficient
  • Push to start action
  • Excellent repeatable torque
  • Torque adjustable by external dial
  • EA-B series screwdriver sold separately

  • Power source: 115VAC
  • Screw Driving Speed: 20 - 30 pcs per minute
  • Screw Range: 2 - 8 standard (2.5mm - 6.0mm)
  • Screw chute content: M3x15 (2000 pcs)
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Air Pressure: 5kg/cm2