ST-TAIP050 Position Control Torque Arm

  • Max Torque: 294 in-lbs. (24.5 Nm) 
  • Max Working Area:  R21.0 inches (R535 mm)
  • Vertical Stroke:  21.0 inches (535 mm)
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The ST-TAIP050 Position Control Torque Arm combines lightweight aluminum with a robust mechanical construction to enhance comfort and functionality in workstations. Its sleek design reduces workspace clutter and provides flexible mounting options on workbenches. Incorporating high-quality bearings and a zero gravity balancer, it facilitates effortless movement in all directions, boosting productivity while mitigating the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

The ST-TAIP050 position control torque arm collaborates with an electric screwdriver to offer support, stability, and control during the screwing or fastening process. Here’s how it typically functions:

  1. Feedback and Control: Fitted with encoders that offer feedback on the screwdriver’s position, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment of torque levels and fastener order. This ensures screws are tightened to precise specifications in the correct sequence.

  2. Support and Stability: Mounted near the workstation or assembly line, the torque arm secures the screwdriver in place, preventing movement or shaking during operation. This support guarantees the screwdriver remains steady, allowing for accurate and precise screwing or fastening.

  3. Torque Absorption: As the electric screwdriver applies torque to drive the screw, a reactive force may be exerted in the opposite direction. The torque arm absorbs this force, preventing it from affecting the user or the assembly process. This absorption maintains stability and control, crucial when working with delicate or precise components.

  4. Smooth Motion Control: The torque arm provides smooth motion control, enabling the user to guide the screwdriver precisely to the desired location. This control is essential for achieving consistent torque levels and avoiding over-tightening or under-tightening of screws.

In summary, the interaction between the ST-TAIP050 Position Control Torque Arm and an electric screwdriver enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of screwing or fastening operations in industrial settings.

  • Comes with spring balancer
  • Comes with Control Box
  • Includes stand and spring balancer 
  • Absorbs torque reducing operator fatigue
  • Allows fasteners to be inserted and torqued in a specific pattern or sequence.
  • Compatible with Sumake signal-controlled electric screwdrivers and transducerized screwdrivers. 
  • Store 30 sets of fastening jobs, maximum 32 screw fastening sequences per job.
  • 3 positioning tolerance levels available for different operational requirements.
  • Control Box programable via touchscreen interfaces.

  • Max Torque: 294 in-lbs. (24.5 Nm) 
  • Max Working Area:  R21.0 inches (R535 mm)
  • Vertical Stroke:  21.0 inches (535 mm)
  • Max Tool Weight: 4.8 lbs. (2.2 kg) 
  • Height: 38.9 inches (987mm)
  • Weight: 24.0 lbs. (10.9 kg)
  • Clamp Capacity: 0.98-1.80 inches (25-45 mm)