Vacuum Pickup Kit EPSH-T-6.5

  • Screw head diameter between 3.5 – 7.5 mm
  • Great for operator or robot automation

EPSH-T-6.5 is a vacuum pick up adapter kit used to increase productivity by allowing quick and easy pickup of small magnetic and non magnetic screws. This pickup adapter is for use with Sumake Transducer Screwdrivers. Using this kit is a great way to add automation to any assembly process. 

Please note all vacuum pick-up kits require a vacuum pump (EAP-200A/C). 

Use with the following screwdrivers:


  • Works on magnetic and non magnetic screws
  • Screw head diameters between 3.5 – 7.5 mm
  • Save time with quick screw retrieval  
  • Great way to add automation to the fastening process
  • Works great with our screw presenters or screw setters
  • Works great with an operator or robot

  • Requires a vacuum pump (EAP-200A/C)
  • Requires a Transducer Torque Screwdriver (SMT-30SI)

Tranducerized DC Screwdriver and ControllerDC Transducer Screwdriver SMT-30SI
SF60 Screw PresenterSF60
SFR20H Screw PresenterSFR20M
SFR20H Screw PresenterSFR20
SFR20H Screw PresenterSFR30
SFR50 Screw PresenterSFR50
SFR50M screw presenterSFR50M
Screw SetterEAA-SD11
Screw SetterEAA-SD12
Screw SetterEAA-SD13