Sumake North America Launches New Tool Management System EA-SC100

AMHERST, NH, May 17, 2022 – Sumake North America is launching its newest product, the EA-SC100 tool management system. The EA-SC100 enables assembly manufacturers to take control of their shop floor with full visibility into their assembly operations via remote connectivity to their tools and fastening results. The system comes with a touch screen that allows for real time result viewing along with a remote management system for tool setup and data collection. The EA-SC100 reduces costs, increases profitability, streamlines the assembly process and helps manufacturers maintain quality.


The EA-SC100 system includes a tool management box, mounting arm, tool stand, and SMT-C1 mount. It is compatible with any Sumake SMT series driver.  The key features of the EA-SC100 include:

  • Simplified setup and data visualization: Using the real-time results shown on the touch screen display, operators can verify assembly torques using live graphs, effortlessly configure applications, and view color coded error and result messages.
  • Real time remote assembly tool management: Managers can monitor driver operations from anywhere in their facility, configure assembly jobs, collect batch results and set up user profiles with varying permission levels.
  • Remote connection to assembly operation: With the EA-SC100’s remote connection and cloud connectivity, managers can remotely monitor application status, productivity, and precision of all connected tools in their facility. They can also collect all fastener information and store the data in one centralized location.


“Our new system, the EA-SC100, changes the way that assembly operations are monitored and managed from an enterprise level,” said Michael DeChambeau, Sumake North America’s President. “The ability to set up tools, view real time results and collect data for all drivers in a facility gives managers the ultimate control needed to increase efficiency and deliver the highest quality fastening results.”