What is a Screw Hopper?

What is a Screw Hopper?

A screw hopper is an add-on accessory that can be integrated with a screw presenter to provide additional screw storage capacity. These hoppers can hold up to 4000 screws which drastically increases the capacity of a screw presenter and makes runtimes longer for operators. Hoppers are especially useful during high-volume assembly applications.

What are the Benefits of Using a Screw Hopper?

Screw hoppers are designed to hold between 1500-4000 screws at a time which exponentially increases a presenter’s capacity. These hoppers are automatic and do not require action from the operator to fill the screw presenter until it is full. It is very easy to attach the hopper to the screw presenter using two thumb holes and a wire harness.

Using a screw hopper saves time, saves money, and improves assembly productivity. They are a great addition to automated robotic systems. The hopper’s immense screw capacity significantly reduces the need to resupply screws which helps take assembly automation to the next level.

Watch the Sumake EAA-SF1 in Action


Sumake’s EAA-SF1 Key Features

  • Easily Integrates with Sumake Screw Presenters
  • Capacity: 1500-4000 Screws (620 cc)
  • Screw Size: 0.8 – 5.0 mm
  • Applicable Screw Head: greater than 1.0 mm
  • Applicable Screw Length: Less than 29 mm
EAA-SF1 Hopper

The Hopper EAA-SF1 is an addition to all of our Sumake screw presenters.